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SRX flash figures: Resale transaction volumes for private and HDB fell in April

According to the Singapore Real Estate Exchange or SRX, today's go-to place for up to date property market data (pre-empting even URA's), transaction volumes for HDB resale and private resale fell in the month of April. COV prices for resale flats are falling but the median prices of those homes went up a bit. Private resale home prices fell though. All these point to a sign that the most recent cooling measures are working and many experts are predicting HDB prices will fall soon.

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Posted on 15-05-2013 18:59 | By John

Home Loan Basics by HDB Resale and the Mortgage Service Ratio

Buying a resale flat isn't as simple as it was. Especially made more confusing by the 30% Mortgage Service Ratio introduced in the January cooling measures. We've found out a couple of interesting things from the experts at, in particular for buyers who are commission-based earners and the self-employed. Learn about this and more in this enlightening article.

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Posted on 20-03-2013 22:23 | By John

5-room flat in Tiong Bahru sold for $945,000

According to the CNA report, we are inching ever slowly closer to that $1m HDB flat. This $945,000 one is a 5-room flat in Jalan Membina close to Tiong Bahru MRT that is 10 years old. We bet 10 years ago if you told the buyer he or she would eventually sell the flat for close to a million dollars, he/she would tell you to go have your head checked.

Apparently, many resale flats in popular estates have been hitting the $900k mark. This is just crazy.

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Posted on 07-03-2013 22:55 | By John

Khaw: Affordability is the core principle of pricing BTOs

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr Khaw made some clarifications with regards to his earlier statement to the Straits Times regarding the 'de-linking' of BTO flat prices to the HDB resale market. He says that typical household income, resale flat price, location and flat sizes determine the prices of BTO. Confused?

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Posted on 06-02-2013 22:33 | By John

Khaw says BTO prices de-linked from resale price since he took over in 2011. Singaporeans no closer to knowing how BTO prices are determined

According to the Straits Times article by Rachel Chang, Mr Khaw Boon Wan says that the BTO prices are no longer linked to prices of flats sold in the resale market. He says that prices of BTOs have remained stable while resale flat prices have been climbing. It shows that the Govt is giving a bigger subsidy for the BTOs. Big big news. But it just brings up more questions only. If prices are not linked, what is the determining factor for new BTO prices then? And why is he announcing this policy change now, a year or so after he took over?

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Posted on 31-01-2013 23:22 | By John

It is official - HDB resale flat in Queenstown sold for $1m

So the moment of truth, the day that HDB flats have hit the million dollar mark has come. The place in question is a flat in Blk 149 Mei Ling Street, which is super close to the Queenstown MRT. Wow! We got nothing to say. Except sing a song...

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Posted on 13-09-2012 17:12 | By John

Singles over 35 could soon be able to buy direct from HDB

PM Lee has finally called for a review of housing policies for single Singaporeans. Currently, only singles 35 and over are able to purchase from the resale market, and only from  3-room units.

But with resale prices becoming increasingly out of reach (especially when it takes two nowadays to finance a home, let alone one), there is a possibility that singles can purchase flats direct from HDB. What a change!

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Posted on 28-08-2012 21:50 | By John

NUS Resale Price Index flash estimate: Prices up by 1.5%

Preliminary findings from NUS Singapore Residential Property Index (SRPI) has revealed that resale prices of private homes in May rose a little bit by 1.5%. Last month in April, prices rose by 0.8%, while March saw a 0.4% rise too. So this means that prices have risen for three months, but only by a teeny bit. Good news for home owners and investors, bad news for home hunters.

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Posted on 29-06-2012 14:07 | By John

NUS: Private resale home prices rise 0.8% in April

According to NUS Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI) flash estimate for private resale home transactions, prices have risen a little bit - by 0.8% in April, up from 0.4% in March. More importantly, the prices in the central area went up by 1.6% -  a sign that the market is finally moving up in that region.

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Posted on 30-05-2012 13:11 | By John

NUS: Private residential resale prices fell 0.8 per cent in February

According to NUS' Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI), resale prices of residential units fell by 0.8% in February. It seems that the resale and secondary markets are somewhat in the doldrums while the new launches are doing pretty well.

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Posted on 29-03-2012 16:36 | By John

Toa Payoh Central 5-room resale flat hits $894,000

The latest data from HDB revealed an interesting gem - a 110 sqm 5-room resale flat in Toa Payoh Central went for a whopping $894,000. HDB resale prices are inching towards the million mark ever so quickly!


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Posted on 01-03-2012 15:24 | By John

DTZ: Home prices rose in 2011

According to DTZ, private home prices and rents increased in 2011. Resale prices of suburban leasehold condos increased by 8.2% while luxury condos grew a paltry 1%. This is really nothing new. All of us know prices went up quite a bit in the past 24 months.

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Posted on 06-01-2012 14:44 | By John
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