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HDB BTO: Montreal Dale Review

Montreal Dale located in Sembawang turns out to be one of the more interesting reviews we have done recently. Hop in and check out our review on it!
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Posted on 22-03-2010 17:00 | By Francis

Dawson, Sembawang and Bukit Panjang BTO closing today

In case you have been living in a hole on holiday for the past two weeks, the mega Build-To-Order exercise of 2009 by HDB will be coming to a close today. We typically see a rush to apply on the last day...» Read more

Posted on 28-12-2009 11:10 | By Francis

Dawson, Bukit Panjang and Sembawang BTO - Dec 21 results and odds

Only 7 more days before the current HDB BTO ballot ends. So what are your chances as of now?
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Posted on 21-12-2009 11:15 | By Yeo ZH

Dawson, Bukit Panjang and Sembawang BTO - Day 1 results and odds

Over a thousand applications have been made for the Dawson 4-roomers in less than a day. We've put together a rough percentage of what chance you'll get when you ballot. The results are surprising - the 4-roomers, at the moment, aren't the units with the longest odds!
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Posted on 16-12-2009 12:05 | By Yeo ZH

HDB finally launches Dawson BTO along with Bukit Panjang and Sembawang projects

They are finally here! Two projects at Dawson have been launched, along with two other projects in Bukit Panjang and Sembawang.
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Posted on 15-12-2009 17:30 | By Francis
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