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NeWest is the newest condo in West Coast

Looks like several residential developments have been popping up lately in the Clementi/West Coast area, and NeWest is one of them (what a name!). It won’t be a surprise if units here are sold really quickly, given that it’s located in a mature estate and a quiet neighbourhood. The best thing about this place? The lease - 956-years! Rarity these days. Hop in to see what NeWest has to offer.» Read more

Posted on 23-05-2013 16:32 | By John

The Trilinq rises in Clementi

Touted as one of the tallest buildings in Clementi, the developer of The Trilinq promises a nice view of the surrounds for those occupying units on the higher floors. Potential view of Pandan Reservoir and maybe even the sea. And look at the number of sky bridges connecting the blocks, must be some sort of record. These sky terraces are so popular now. Let's give this 99-year leasehold condo a closer inspection.

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Posted on 01-03-2013 19:03 | By Cheryl Han

Seahill, a Far East Organisation condo, sparkles in West Coast

How often have you been excited at a condo that has been marketed as having a sea view, only to be disappointed when you check out the showflat? Far East Organisation’s latest project, Seahill, looks sets to be one of those condos with a breath-taking view of the sea, and of West Coast Park. We kid you not, folks. It is comprised of SOHO and condo units, townhouses (all the rage these days) and serviced apartments! Excited already? Read on! [Price update!]

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Posted on 04-05-2012 22:23 | By Cheryl Han

Clementi Ridges review part 2: Site layout and best units

Let's take a peek into what Clementi Ridges holds for its future residents. Which are the best units to set your sights on? Find out.» Read more

Posted on 02-04-2012 18:53 | By John

Clementi Ridges BTO and Trivelis DBSS site video

Here's a short video we took for the Trivelis DBSS back then when it was launched. You can see the Clementi Ridges site to the right of the DBSS site. The video was shot off the 12th floor of a HDB block. As you can see the views are quite good already. And if you manage the get a high floor unit facing north, chances are you will get an excellent view of Bukit Timah and the nature reserve.

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Posted on 02-04-2012 18:03 | By John

Clementi Ridges review part 1: Location and prices

This super highly anticipated BTO in Clementi is sure to draw in the crowds if it had a showflat like you see in those condo launches. Located right next to Trivelis DBSS, Clementi Ridges already looks to be a better deal than its more glamourous cousin. Let us take a look at this soaring 37 to 40-storey development comprising of 684 3-, 4- and 5-room standard flats.

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Posted on 02-04-2012 15:40 | By John

Clementi to get a spanking new condo

HDB received eight solid bids for a 99-year leasehold condo site at Jalan Lempeng in Clementi. It’s just a mere 600m away from the town centre, which includes the Clementi MRT, bus interchange, two malls, and so on, which explains why it’s quite popular with developers. Plus it’s quite sizeable too, at more than 262,000 sqft.

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Posted on 13-01-2012 18:35 | By Cheryl Han

Casa Clementi review

Usually we don't cover non-BTO HDB projects but many folks have been asking for a review of Casa Clementi, so here we go.

Image credit: Casa Clementi

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Posted on 08-11-2011 17:51 | By John

Trivelis DBSS is hot property

The latest Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project, Trivelis, has proven to be hot property. As we’d predicted it, it was thrice oversubscribed.

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Posted on 04-11-2011 17:54 | By Cheryl Han

Trivelis DBSS: Quick Review

It was a wonderful Deepavali for us and we had some free time to pop by the latest DBSS in Clementi - Trivelis. Boy was it packed! So much for us saying that DBSS developments are irrelevant! This new HDB project in Clementi is bringing in the crowds! Here's what we think. [Updated!]» Read more

Posted on 27-10-2011 17:41 | By John

Video review: Trivelis DBSS in Clementi

Clement's first DBSS Trivelis is all set to launch tomorrow! This 888-unit development is only about 5 minutes walk away from Clementi MRT, bus interchange and mall. High floor units here look quite promising too. With three blocks each 40-storeys high, you are likely to get views seen in the video above. This one will be hot!

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Posted on 25-10-2011 14:18 | By John
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