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Yishun Natura review: Site layout and best units (Part 2)

Yishun Natura has 364 units that come in 3, 4 and 5-room flavours. Some of them even come with balconies! Find out which we think are the best units and which ones you should avoid.

If you want to know more about what we thought of Yishun Natura's location, the review is here.

Site Layout

This BTO sits on a triangular-shaped plot of land, so sad to say, the blocks are not laid out in the ideal north-south orientation. A large number of them face north-east/south-west, meaning they either will get the morning or noon sun.

One thing really great about this BTO is basement parking. This is very rare for HDB BTOs. No ugly MSCP means the space is used for greenery and playgrounds, which is great for residents.

In future, a school will be built across the road to the east. A park is under construction to the north-west. The canal or drainage reserve (or 'Yishun Creek' as our team likes to call it) runs along the west of BTO, along with the park connector that leads to Yishun Pond.

To the north, south and west lie high-rise HDB blocks so if you are hoping for many units with good unblocked views, you will be disappointed.

Zooming in. Those Y and V symbols represent embankments. Meaning that the central area/inner court is raised from the ground.

Best 5-room units
Definitely it has to be the unit pair of 1936 and 1938. They are almost in a north-south orientation and they are the only units with an excellent unblocked south view of 'Yishun Creek'. They are also tucked away from the noise of the road.

Note that 1938 will bear the brunt of the noon sun on its master bedroom walls.

The rest of the 5-rooms aren't so bad, but we suggest avoiding 1904 and 1906 if you do not like the noon sun. However, they do get a decent view. Again it's that same old battle - unblocked view vs noon sun.

And go for units with a balcony, obviously.

Best 4-room units
We suggest you consider 1908 and 1910 if you like the views of the canal. They too have a close to 90-degree north-south orientation which would minimize the effects of the noon sun. We prefer 1908 as it is shielded by 1910, but it doesn't have as good a view as 1910. Do note 1910 is right next to the carpark entrance and exit, so there will be some noise and dust pollution.

If you don't mind facing the road, then we suggest 1902, 1930 and 1932 for good unblocked views. Unit 1902 get an extensive view as it faces Yishun Street 31. High-floor units in 1930 and 1932 get good privacy too thanks to the school to the north-east. These three units do get their fair share of morning sun, but little noon sun (except for 1930's rear), which is great.

Again go for units with a balcony.

Unit 1948 looks quite interesting. It faces the gap between existing blocks 343 and 367 to its south and there is nothing blocking its view for about 100m. That said, it is likely units in those opposite blocks are close enough to be able to see what you are eating for dinner. But we think it's worth a look.

Best 3-room units
Not much to pick from here as the majority of them face the noon sun, albeit indirectly. The best ones look to be those facing the school. High floor units in 1916 and 1934 that overlook the school will get some privacy. We didn't consider 1918 because it directly faces the bus stop. Bus stop = noise and dust.

If you have no issue with the noon sun, then 1920, 1922 looks like they have fairly decent unobstructed views.

Should I apply?
If you don't mind long travel times, if you like Yishun very much, then Yishun Natura could be the one for you. It looks quite good value as it is cheaper than most Premium flat BTOs we've seen. If the planned commercial site nearby gets developed it will be an added convenience too. Plus, the balconies look like you could actually fit more than three people in them!

Images and info via HDB.

Posted on 15-07-2011 01:15 | By John

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