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Waterway Brooks review part 1: Location and prices

Punggol - once a place no one wanted to live in, now the darling of all young couples and HDB hunters. Waterway Brooks is the latest addition to the Punggol family. A 14 block development ranging from 10 to 17 storeys high, Punggol Brooks has 1,312 units in the form of Studio Apartments and 4, 5-room Premium flats.


Situated on the southern banks of My Waterway @ Punggol, alongside Punggol Drive. This BTO has an LRT station right outside and is only a single stop away from Punggol MRT and the town centre.

To the south lies high-rise HDB apartments. Across My Waterway to the north lies a 'common green' surrounded by sites reserved for upcoming residential apartments. On the south-east side of the plot we see a site reserved for a school. On the north-west is Punggol Road and across it are plans for a park, according to the URA Masterplan 2008.

From the looks of it, there aren't many shops or eateries within walking distance at all. If you need to grab a last minute bite or if you run out of diapers, you will probably have to take the LRT to Punggol Central where the upcoming mall and shops will be.

That's the issue most folks have with Punggol, Sengkang and these new towns. HDB has decided that the old way of having small neighbourhood centres as '20th Century' and decided that for this 21st Century town, people want a large, very crowded, very central (and more costly) neighbourhood centres and NO hawker centres! Why? We have no idea.

Anyway, that's besides the point. Waterway Brooks has what most people find desirable - waterfront living, in this case - My Waterway @ Punggol which snakes its way from Serangoon Reservoir to Punggol Reservoir. Maybe residents here will have an alternate means of transport to the town centre? River Taxi anyone? Or in this case - Longkang Taxi?

On the plus side, the town centre is still within walking distance - about 300-400m. And residents are merely one LRT stop away too, so it is not too bad.

Do also note that about 200m or so towards the east along Punggol Drive there are plans for a commercial and residential development, next to the proposed Chinese Temple. That is roughly about one LRT-stop away.


As with the previous BTO launches, it is a two-for-the-price-of-one-application-thing. You are applying for both Waterway Brooks and Waterway Woodcress so you get a wider choice. Prices for these Premium flats are obviously slightly higher than the Standard flats but you do get balconies in Waterway Brooks and full-length windows in the living room for both BTOs.

If we compare the most recent Premium Flat BTO in Bukit Panjang -  Segar Meadows - the Bukit Panjang one is actually cheaper. The most expensive 4-room unit is going for $298k while the most expensive 4-room unit here is $379k. Quite a difference eh? HDB thinks this Punggol BTO is worth more. Well it should be! Since they dug a giant canal for you guys!

We'll find out which are the best units next.

Posted on 26-09-2011 12:11 | By John

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