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Thomson Line: 10 stations that matter

The Thomson Line has so far impressed many when it was announced, everyone is doubtless excited by the prospect of another new MRT line. The construction might take a decade, but the benefits will be very obvious. Land prices within close proximity to the stations will surely go up, but you really have to be patient. Here's a quick run-down of 10 Thomson Line stations we think are the key highlights of this multi-billion dollar transportation marvel.

Let's start with the north and work our way south...

Woodlands North

This station is located at the tip of Singapore, very close to the Johor Straits and the current Woodlands Causeway. Yes, we know what you're wishing for, and we're wishing for it too - an MRT tunnel linking Singapore and JB! Speculation is rife that this will happen sometime in the future. Given that the land around this station is empty, and given that the residential population there is non-existent (no offence to the folks at Republic Poly), chances are high that something special will happen here in the next two decades. Cross your fingers!


It used to be that no one wanted to live in Woodlands. It's still somewhat like that now. But when this station is complete, Singaporeans will look very differently at this HDB estate for sure. Woodlands is full of potential for investment, as we've said before. This town will be the next Tampines we reckon.

Woodlands South

Why this station? There's so much empty land all around! Well, that's because the empty land is slated for residential use - meaning more BTOs and condos! Lots of room to house the future generation of Singaporeans here.


The Thomson Line travels quite some distance along the SLE, across the feared SAF jungle known as Mandai and ends up at this very sleepy looking area called Springleaf. If you've ever been here, you'd think you were back in Singapore during the 70s and 80s. Nothing much has changed. The landed homes enjoy peaceful and idyllic surrounds thanks to the greenery all over the place.

Sad to say with the MRT station, things around here will change. Technically there is no need to build a station here as the residential population here is low, so there must be big plans for development here. The land all around is slated as Reserve according to the 2008 URA Masterplan, that will surely change in the future - residential, commercial or industrial - who knows?


This was the station that caught many of us (as well as other Thomson Line watchers) by surprise. We expected the line to go along Thomson Road, with Marymount as an interchange. Instead, the line veered east towards Yio Chu Kang MRT, ending up at Lentor.

This spot is full of residential apartments, mostly private units. So residents there can say, "Huat ah!". Home prices will rise, confirm. However, those currently renting out units might not be too happy. The construction will put a dent in those rent prices in the short term.

What's more, there is a lot of land west of the station that's currently forested. URA Masterplan says - residential. So look out for BTOs and condos in this spot - it will be quite good for sure.

Kebun Bahru aka Mayflower

This part of Ang Mo Kio has been largely neglected by the urban planners. It contains a mix of HDBs and landed homes. Accessibility has been poor for some a while now. This MRT couldn't have come at a better time (in PM Lee's constituency no less, conspiracy-theorists would love this little factoid).

Sin Ming

This is another spot just like Kebun Bahru that's has seen little action in the past decade or so. With so many condos around the area (some of them pretty old) we bet many of the owners will be thinking the same two words - 'en bloc'.

Upper Thomson

Finally, finally, Thomson Plaza will be the place to be once more. Back in the 80s, folks living in the north (including this writer) used to come here for the hippest thing then - Swensen's. Now this mall serves mainly residents living in the landed homes around it.

The MRT will also be a boon to the many shophouses and eateries that dot the area. Will this be the next Holland Village? Let's hope not. We like the charm and the laid-back feel of the place.


This station on the outskirts of Orchard Road will serve the many (already rich) residents living in the various landed homes in the area. Stevens MRT station will be the spot where many of the Woodlanders and Thomson-ites swap trains as they head into the Downtown Line, which will give them great access to the east and west of Singapore.


This super deep MRT interchange under the current Orchard MRT is the highlight of Thomson Line. We can already see the future condo brochures proudly proclaiming - "minutes to Orchard MRT". What can we say about this station that you don't already know? It's literally in the heart of Singapore where everything happens.

Phew! That's all we have for you folks, there are many other interesting MRT stations that we could cover, but we have run out of letters. Maybe another time. We'll leave you with an interesting thought - in the future, when all the Thomson and Downtown Lines are done, don't you think there could be a million people walking, eating, travelling under Singapore at the same time? Wow! Maybe there will be a new name for us - the Underground City.

Images: LTA. For all the stations, download the whole press kit here!

Posted on 31-08-2012 18:41 | By John

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