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Tenteram Peak BTO at Whampoa review

We've come to the last of the September 2012 BTOs - Tenteram Peak at Whampoa, along Jalan Tenteram and located off Balestier Road. This BTO is in one of the oldest estates in Singapore -  Whampoa. Many people love the idea of living in a mature estate, but perhaps Whampoa is a bit too mature. It's looking a bit run-down if you ask us. Maybe with the injection of this new BTO things could be different. Whampoa will look young again!

There are a total of 755 units here in 3- and 4-room standard flats sitting in four blocks 30- and 31-storeys high.


This large development is found deep in the north-eastern corner of Whampoa, along the old Jalan Tenteram, just off Balestier Road and Whampoa Drive. Though Whampoa is centrally located, this BTO is located in a neglected part of it, not much development has gone on and the estate is aging quickly. Still, it's a very peaceful neighbourhood with a famous hawker centre and a neighbourhood centre. Unfortunately both are not within short walking distance from this BTO

Thankfully though there is an eating house and a supermarket planned in the development.

Most disappointingly, the CTE runs along the entire eastern edge of the BTO. Not nice at all.

There's no MRT nearby so you have to rely on the bus to take you on a short tour around Whampoa (the roads there are long and winding) before you finally get yourself to Balestier Road.

If you drive, then it's another matter altogether. This BTO is very close to the CBD. You can get to Orchard Road in less than 10 minutes and to the CBD in 15 minutes if you take the CTE.

Oh and there's another minus point  - schools are few. Not something you'd expect from a mature estate.

Site Layout

The blocks here are angled about 30 degrees from north-south, meaning blocks facing the north-west will get some noon sun shining into their living rooms and bedrooms.

As mentioned, the CTE runs all along the eastern edge of the BTO, with the long MSCP acting as a buffer from the noise and the pollution. This might help alleviate the situation somewhat, but ultimately units facing the expressway will be able to hear the roar of the traffic. No escaping that fact.

The only positive thing for CTE-facing units would be the unblocked views of the south.

Directly to the north would be future high-rise residential while to the west are existing HDB blocks (Blk 16 to Blk 19) that go to up to 19 or 20-storeys high (counting floor by floor on Google Street View, we suggest doing a site recce to make sure).

The eating house, supermarket and shops are found on the north-end of the MSCP. And from the looks of it the future eating house occupies a large area. Cross your fingers and hope there will be decent and affordable food.

Best 4-room units

Try your best to avoid the CTE. So that means choosing units that face north, towards Jalan Teteram. We like 537 here as it doesn't face any high-rise blocks for about 200m. But note that because of the angle, it will get some indirect noon sun.

The least worst of the CTE-facing units should be units in 525 as its the furthest away from the CTE and has unit 511 to the east to block some of the noise coming from that direction.

If you have to choose CTE-facing ones, then we suggest getting as high floor as possible to minimize the sound and dust coming from the busy expressway.

Best 3-room units
Same reason as 4-room 537, get units 535 that face Jalan Teteram. Avoid getting units too close to the CTE and if you have to get CTE-facing ones, get as high as you can.


3-rooms begin from $245,000 and end at $314,000 while the 4-rooms start from $370,000 and end at $476,000. These are more expensive than the ones at Tampines GreenLace and slightly cheaper than the 4-roomers in Teck Ghee Parkview which begin from $398,000.

Should I go for this?
Only for those who have been living in the area for a while. Personally, we don't like this BTO at all. The whole area is too close to the CTE and the PIE for proper residential living. It should have been zoned industrial or commercial instead.

What's more, shops and eateries are not even within walking distance and schools are few. This is supposed to be a mature estate!

If you rely on public transport, then prepare for a long journey. The only plus points are that it's close to the CBD and the neighbourhood is rather quiet (on the Jalan Tenteram side of course).

Furthermore, the units are poorly laid out, they either get some morning or noon sun. Choice units are few; either you face the CTE or you face the neighbour opposite. The price doesn't represent good value in our opinion.

Unless you love Whampoa, we think you should give this one a miss.

Images and info via HDB.

Posted on 03-10-2012 17:26 | By John

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