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Review: HDB DBSS The Peak at Toa Payoh

Note to readers:
You can read the intro of The Peak at Toa Payoh here. This portion is dedicated to unit selection.

There were not many facilities that we would put as a plus point on the unit scoring chart. Only the playground, bus stop and fitness stations made it. We see the BBQ pit not as a facility one would use often and in fact sometimes a source of annoyance to residents living immediately adjacent to it.

We were a little surprised that a DBSS project did not offer basement parking, or at the very least direct lift access to every level of the multi storey car (even some premium BTO HDB projects are offering it). With no idea where the lift lobbies of the multi storey car park is located, we decided to also ignore accessibility to multi storey car park as a point of comparison.

Unfortunately we could not confirm the location of the substation or refuse chute collection points (where the truck backs in to collect rubbish). Readers might want to enquire on these points when selecting specific units. We also note that the locations of certain doorways are not clear.

Although we cannot be sure the wide open field north of the project will not be developed in future, this facing is preferable to the southerly view – which immediately faces a staggered row of blocks that can reach up to 27storeys. For south facing units, we recommend getting units at least on the 33rd floor to get a decent view.

East and west facings of the project are not an issue – at most low rise light industrial buildings.

Unit View, Door Facing map and Unit Scoring Chart:
A detailed Unit View and Door Facing map (North Facing). Red arrows are the Master Bedroom View. Blue arrows are the Dining/Living View. (Image: Brochure & Google Maps) Click for large image.

A detailed Unit View and Door Facing map (South Facing). Red arrows are the Master Bedroom View. Blue arrows are the Dining/Living View.(Image: Brochure & Google Maps) We deliberately left the stack numbers reversed, in case some people get it wrong! Click for large image.

Unit scoring in terms of desirability. Click to download Unit Scoring Chart in excel format.

Scoring of unit desirability is relevant within this DBSS project only. Please do not cross reference scores. While we try our best to give the most accurate information, we cannot guarantee our materials are completely accurate and free from errors. Always double check with HDB representatives.

Posted on 03-06-2009 16:32 | By Francis

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