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Keat Hong Axis BTO review (Part 1): Location and prices

Let's begin our July BTO adventure with Keat Hong Axis, a standard BTO right at the southern tip of Choa Chu Kang. On first impression this BTO doesn't sound very exciting. But as they always say, 'don't judge a book by its cover', so perhaps that might be more than meets the eye here. 

Some details before we begin. Keat Hong Axis has 9 blocks which range from 15 to 17 floors high. There are 1,130 units here and applicants can choose from 2-room units to 5-room units.

As a nod to the history of the area - the BTO is built over the old Keat Hong army camp - the top of each block has a 'v' shaped crown, HDB says it's inspired by a chevron. No, it's not the petroleum company but the army rank. in this case it looks like Keat Hong Axis has earned the ancient rank of private first class. Well, it could have been worse...


All along the western perimeter of Keat Hong Axis is the very obvious elevated exposed MRT tracks which will no doubt generate plenty of noise when the trains run past. It's that thin red line you see on the map.

Directly south and east is land slated for high-rise residential. There will be open areas to the south-east as the land there is slated for a park and a school. To the north, across Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 is Keat Hong Shopping Centre, Choa Chu Kang market, some shops and eateries. This is a great convenience no doubt.

There's a church planned at the north-west corner of the site, so do take note - there should be some unblocked view for units overlooking the church. More on that in the next article.

Getting to the Choa Chu Kang MRT and town centre isn't easy here, it's not within walking distance at all. The feeder bus is the resident's only option as the LRT station is about 500m away. Obviously the location of Keat Hong Axis is not the best.

Perhaps residents can lobby for a train station to be built along the tracks here, just like what MRT did with Dover station. After all, the area is getting a significant boost to the population and there is ample space around for a small station. Okay, okay, let's stop dreaming...


Because of it's location, prices here are really affordable. The most expensive 4-room unit here goes for $292k while the most costly 5-room will set you back $378k.

Compared to next door's Keat Hong Pride (see above prices), we see that it's $285k for the most ex 4-room and $363k for the most ex 5-room. Keat Hong Axis is about $10-20k more than Keat Hong Pride. Why? Axis is closer to the market by a good 200m! About $100 for 1 meter!

Looking at the other new BTO in the area, Sunshine Gardens (see above prices), the most expensive 4-room there sells for $284k while the 5-room retails for $364k. Again Keat Hong Axis is priced higher.

Among all the three new BTOs in this area, we think Keat Hong Axis has the best location, hence the slightly higher valuation HDB has given.

Let's have a look at the site layout and best units next.

Images and info via HDB.

Posted on 01-08-2012 13:07 | By John

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