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Hougang Parkview reviewed

Hougang Parkview is HDB's latest BTO offering in Hougang (though it's actually closer to Sengkang). Sitting right beside Punggol Park and in front of the river/canal Sungei Pinang, this BTO offers 792 standard flats in the shape of 3, 4 and 5 RM units. What do we think? Read on.


If you're looking to enjoy the benefits of living in a mature HDB estate like Hougang, you can forget it. This BTO sits right on the eastern edge of Hougang. Frankly it's closer to Sengkang!

If you look at the map, you'd notice that all around it is empty. That's right, no MRT, no schools, no food court, no supermarket, no buildings, no nothing. Only river/canal called Sungei Pinang and Punggol Park.

Directly to the north is the Executive Condo Austville Residences, to the south - a road they will build that will give residents access from Upper Serangoon Road. The good news is south of that road is land slated for an educational institution, so chances are that units facing south will be unblocked 5 to 6 storey onwards.

Getting to town will be really quick as the KPE exit is minutes away. Those with young children will be glad to know that there are plenty of decent primary schools nearby too.


Nothing really out of the ordinary here. The price range is quite typical of standard flats HDB has offered recently.  The highest priced unit is going for $404k though, pretty steep, we wonder which unit that would be.

Site Layout

Pink = 3RM, Yellow = 4RM, Blue = 5RM

The blocks are sitting on a squarish plot, so the units are placed in a way that ensures maximum privacy. Few of the units get the traditional north-south orientation though, most of them have a north-east/south-west orientation. 

Looking at the layout, we find it pretty strange that the 5RM units are placed on the west of the site (340, 342, 344, 346, 372 and 374), where the noon sun is the strongest. We could see that the planners were trying to maximize the park view while avoiding the noon sun. Hence units that are built with this slanted orientation.

Best 5RM units

This is a headache. Would you prefer a view of the park or would you prefer to avoid the noon sun? If you like the park view and are willing to brave the hot noon sun, then we think unit 340 in Blk 470C might be a good choice. It faces the park and the pond and it is shielded (very minimally) from the heat by unit 342.

However, it is quite close to opposite unit 374, so you have to compromise slightly on the privacy.

If you prefer a cooler place in the evenings, then we suggest you go for units 322 (Blk 470B) and 302 (Blk 470A). The views aren't as good as the ones facing the park, but you do get about a 80m buffer till Austville Residences up north. That's not too bad.

Best 4RM units
Like the 5RM units above, if you value park view over hot sun, then go for unit 368 in Blk 471B, it is shielded somewhat by unit 370. 368 gets the park view and is very private (thanks to the school to the south).

We're not so keen on the park views so we think that the best 4RMs belong to those facing north-south. Especially those facing the school. Units 364, 366, 384 and 386 have very good unblocked views, just make sure you get units high enough to ensure a good view and minimize noise from the school.

If those have already been taken, not to worry, there are plenty of decent ones too. Units 304, 306, 324, 326, 358, 392 and 394 are quite private and are away from the noon sun. Just make sure you get units higher than the 7-storey MSCP. Note that these blocks actually begin from the 2nd floor onwards unlike the other BTOs where the units begin above the MSCP.

We're not too sure about the 4RMs facing directly east. The views are quite unblocked but there's the morning sun to deal with. That might be an issue when the time comes to sell the unit - buyers always prefer north-south orientation.

Best 3RM
Not many 3RM units in this BTO, but we think most of them are pretty well placed. They do get a decent unobstructed view and few actually get the noon sun. We think 336, 360, 362 and 390 are good. We like especially unit 388 in Blk 471A, the number is very good, even better if you're on the 8th floor - #08-388.

So should I get this BTO?

Honestly the location is not the best. Even the recent Sengkang BTOs are better placed. Hougang Parkview only has the park view going for it, but residents who want the view will have to pay the price of the hot noon sun.  The block and unit layouts are pretty good with many getting some breathing space between the opposite blocks. We think the north-south facing units are the best bet.

Ultimately we think this is one BTO suitable for those who like Hougang or whose parents live in Hougang. If you're living elsewhere, perhaps it would be wiser to consider the Punggol's Waterway Terraces II instead.

Images via HDB.

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Posted on 26-04-2011 16:48 | By John

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