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HDB releases 4,153 BTO flats and 3,825 Balance Flats all over Singapore

One of the most highly anticipated HDB launches have come! BTOs in mature estates are a rarity these days, and now we have three BTOs in Clementi, MacPherson and Bedok. Along with those three BTOs are two in Bukit Batok and Bukit Panjang, and two Studio Apartment BTOs in Toa Payoh and Toh Yi. Added into that potent mix are 3,825 balance flats in choice estates like Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah and Bishan. We first take a quick look at the Build-to-Order flats first!

Ping Yi Greens (see pic above)
This BTO along Chai Chee Street houses six 15-storey blocks with a total of 418 units in 2 to 4-room standard flats. Located in Bedok, one of the most mature and established estates in Singapore, we're sure this will be a hit with many HDB hunters.

If you're thinking these blocks look rather familiar, you're right. Ping Yi Greens were offered as a replacement for SERS blocks along East Coast Road, with the leftover units going for sale as BTOs or SOBFs. However, due to feedback from the SERS-affected residents (basically they didn't like the idea of moving from East Coast all the way to Bedok), Ping Yi Greens is now offered as a BTO to all Singaporeans, with the SERS-folks having first priority (but they can also choose from other BTOs launched).

Location-wise, it's not too bad. Residents are about 500m away from Bedok MRT and the town centre (which will be even more bustling in the years to come thanks to the new Bedok Mall). There are plenty of schools, eateries and neighbourhood centres nearby and access to town is pretty quick via the PIE.

Sadly only 418 units are available, of these there are only 236 4-room units. Those start from $400k to $464k. Expensive yes, but we're talking about a flat in Bedok. Seasoned hunters will tell you this is a steal. Expect some tough competition folks.

MacPherson Residency

Don't be put off by the whole Geylang town thing. This BTO is nowhere near the notoriously seedy Lorongs. When your friends ask, you can tell them you live in MacPherson or Paya Lebar. Comprising of 211 3-room Standard flats and 426 4-room Standard flats in six 19-storey blocks.

Located about 400m away from MacPherson MRT, this BTO along Paya Lebar Road is not exactly in what you can call a mature estate. The estate might be old but of late the only new developments popping up around the area are industrial buildings. So if you're looking for schools, eateries, supermarkets and all the usual bells and whistles of established estates, you will be disappointed. That's not to say there aren't any, but MacPherson pales in comparison to estates like Bedok or Toa Payoh.

Still, there is plenty of potential for this area, and it's much closer to the CBD too. It is pretty well connected too, with KPE and PIE easily accessible. And once the Downtown line is complete, residents here will find they have three MRT lines to get to the CBD (as long as the trains don't break down).

Prices for the 4-rooms start from $417k.

Clementi Ridges

All we've got to say is those Trivelis folks who bought their DBSS flats must be feeling slightly peeved right now. This BTO right NEXT to Trivelis DBSS in Clementi has a total of 684 Standard units in 3 block either 37 or 40-storeys high.

What can we say about this place? It's in Clementi. It's walking distance to the Clementi Mall and MRT. Win already! There are plenty of units here too - 312 4-roomers and 216 5-roomers - but we think know competition here will be INTENSE.

Trivelis, the recently launched DBSS, was selling 4-room units from $530k to $650k. Clementi Ridges is selling from $438k onwards. About $100k difference. What's more, the Trivelis is MUCH smaller - 82sqm compared to 93sqm. No wonder DBSS is going the way of the dinosaur.

Clementi Ridges is a gem folks. Not just any gem - a top of the line diamond. Good luck ladies and gentlemen - getting a unit here is akin to striking TOTO and 4D at once!

Skyline I and Skyline II at Bukit Batok

Apparently someone at HDB has a penchant for highly-tuned Japanese supercars. Otherwise how does one explain two Skylines in Bukit Batok? The only Premium BTO offering in this line-up, there are a whopping total of 1,232 flats to choose from in five blocks ranging from 23 to 38 floors high.

Located at the south end of Bukit Batok, this BTO is huge, spanning 300m. Sadly it faces the busy PIE to the south and it has the elevated train tracks cutting the development in half. Not very appealing at all. Do note some units here have balconies.

Still, this BTO straddles two big estates - Jurong East and Bukit Panjang, both up and coming towns. Especially Jurong East with the whole Jurong Gateway big masterplan URA has cooked up. This area isn't exactly new too, it's been around for a good 10-15 years and is on its way to the 'mature' estate class. These two estates have their fair share of schools, shops, hyper-malls, eateries and so on.

Fajar Hills

This BTO comprises 862 Standard units in 7 blocks ranging from 14 to 19 floors. Fajar Hills sits along Fajar Road in Bukit Panjang and should be one of the last BTOs in Bt Panjang that is not located on the fringes of the estate (like the Segar BTOs). Fajar Hills is about 600m away from the town centre and the upcoming Bukit Panjang MRT.

Bukit Panjang is not the most favourite estate among HDB hunters and things are made worse with an elevated LRT line to the north of the development. It's not the most exciting BTO for sure.

Golden Kismis (Toh Yi) and Golden Clover (Toa Payoh)

Wah! BTO in Toa Payoh! Don't get too excited folks. Only if you are 55 years and above. These are for the golden generation of Singaporeans. Only studio apartments (SA) are available here. That said, these aren't the best located SA BTOs we've seen. Usually they are close to neighbourhood centres and wet markets. These two are nowhere near any of those.

We'll have more in-depth coverage as always coming your way in the days to come. You have until 3 April 2012 to place your bets so do your research carefully. We're trying to look for choice Sale of Balance Flats too (once HDB's portal stops crashing) so stay tuned for that too.

Images and info: HDB.

Posted on 28-03-2012 13:25 | By John

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