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HDB BTO: Sunshine Court Review

Future residents who work in the West, North and City area will find Sunshine Court’s location reasonable. As a HDB project centric on affordability for smaller families and the elderly, this project maintains a quiet distance from the buzz of the town centre, yet easily accesses daily necessities from just across the road.

Choa Chu Kang is pretty much established as a housing estate so balloters should not expect fantastic views with plenty of high rise around. Although the south easterly side at the moment face low rise buildings from an old army camp, the land there and in between will likely be developed in future.


Although Choa Chu Kang is serviced by LRTs, future residents must be prepared to take feeder buses to the town centre as the closest LRT station is a considerable distance away. The fastest way to the city area is via Choa Chu Kang MRT.

Drivers will find themselves close to the Kranji Expressway (KJE) which will bring them quickly to the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE).  Driving to the north, west and city areas will be convenient.

Basic necessities are readily available at Sunshine Place, a market just across the road. The closest major shopping mall is Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall a feeder bus away.

Adult/Elderly fitness stations, a children Playground and a community facility is available on the ground floor level. A 4 storey multi-storey car park with roof garden is found in the middle of the four blocks.

While the HDB brochure boasts of a Warren Golf and Country Club nearby, we feel that despite it being of the more affordable country clubs around, most residents would find it an unwarranted luxury.

Closest Schools:
Concord Primary School (~300m)
Chua Chu Kang Primary School (~500m)
Bukit Panjang Government High School (~500m)
South View Primary School (~1.1km)
Kranji Secondary School (~1.5km)
Chua Chu Kang Secondary School (~1.7km)
Dunearn Secondary School (~1.8km)
Hong Kah Primary School (~1.8km)
Saint Anthony’s Primary School (~2km)

Closest MRTs:
South View LRT (~0.9km)
Choa Chu Kang MRT (~1.14km)

Closest Shopping Centres:
Keat Hong Shopping Centre (~0.78km)
Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall (~1.17km)
Limbang Shopping Centre (~1.73km)

The design of Sunshine Court is very basic. Each of the 4 blocks offers at a typical level: three 4 room, two 3 room and two studio apartments.

The 4 blocks surround the 4 storey multi storey car park, although only two blocks are connected to it directly. The car park itself is a typical multi-storey variant that might require residents to travel a little to access their vehicles. Residents in block 476B and 476C will have to make a detour through the other blocks if there is rainy weather.

Not only are all units Corner Units, most units are sensibly placed and offer a good amount of privacy bedroom view wise. Only in one stack of units (476B, unit 23) did we feel there is there too little breathing space available. Low level units facing the inner courtyard should still be wary of facing the car park directly, as headlights can be a nuisance. Notably, some units closer to the multi storey car park are crossed out – meaning HDB architects have noted the drawbacks in living in such a unit and no units will be built there.

There are no ground level units as the first storey starts on the 2nd level from the ground.

Layout within individual units is standard.

Please refer to our downloadable guides prior and during the actual selection as limited time is given. While we try our best to give the most accurate information, we cannot guarantee our materials are completely accurate and free from errors. Always double check with HDB representatives.

The small indicative prices of these flats owing to their location and unit’s size make them highly attractive.

Studio Apartment Indicative Price:
Size: 36sqm/387sqf*
Indicative price Min: $58,000 (~$1611psm/$149psf)
Indicative price Max: $66,000 (~$1833psm/$170psf)

Studio Apartment Indicative Price:
Size: 47sqm/505sqf*
Indicative price Min: $72,000 (~$1531psm/$142psf)
Indicative price Max: $80,000 (~$1702psm/$158psf)

3-room unit Indicative Price:
Size: 67sqm/721sqf*
Indicative price Min: $121,000 (~$1805psm/$167psf)
Indicative price Max: $148,000 (~$2208psm/$205psf)

4-room unit Indicative Price:
Size: 92sqm/990sqf*
Indicative price Min: $202,000 (~$2195psm/$204psf)
Indicative price Max: $236,000 (~$2565psm/$238psf)

*Internal Floor Area

Balloters should ultimately expect an affordable no frills home to reside in with daily necessities available just across the road.

Image: HDB

Sunshine Place market is just across the road for basic necessities.

A detailed Unit View and Door Facing map. Red arrows are the Master Bedroom View. Blue arrows are the Dining/Living View. Click to open large image.

Unit scoring in terms of desirability. Click to download Unit Scoring Chart in excel format.

Posted on 09-03-2009 17:37 | By Francis

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