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HDB BTO: Segar Grove Review

Segar Grove is located along Segar Road in Bukit Panjang, right beside the KJE. In total there are 115 2rm flats, 217 3rm flats and 196 4rm flats. 5rm variants were not included in this project.

The location of Segar Grove, right at the north east tip of the estate.

Currently, the land is empty although a big signboard was put up. Infrastructure wise, transport is already in place. Although is isn't exactly very close to amenities such as malls or educational institutions. Some plots of land adjacent to the site are also unused at the moment.

Getting straight to the point, Segar Grove isn't big on transport. Although it has an LRT station about ~250m away, residents might prefer to hop on the bus. Even then, the nearest MRT (Choa Chu Kang) station is about 2.8km away. For drivers, although the project sits right beside a major expressway, the nearest entry/exit point is quite a distance away.

The nearby Segar LRT station.

Closest MRT/LRT
Segar LRT ~250m
Choa Chu Kang MRT ~2.8km

Bus Service
Service 922

Although the closest major shopping center is Bukit Panjang Plaza, there are smaller satellite malls that are closer to the project.

Closest Malls:
Fajar Shopping Centre ~0.56km
Greenridge Shopping Centre ~0.71km
Bukit Panjang Plaza ~1.28km

Closest Schools:
Greenridge Primary School ~0.56km
Beacon Primary School ~0.64km
Zhenghua Secondary School ~0.77km
Greenridge Secondary School ~0.78km

Design & Layout
The blocks are arranged such that they all surround a central courtyard, with two multi storey car parks north. Segar Grove's multi storey car park will be connected to another existing one nearby.

There are no units facing the new multi storey carpark as seen above. The car park also acts as a noise buffer (highway!).

The existing car park that will be connected to the new one.

The blocks surround a central courtyard, although the car parks are not centrally located. Residents staying in blocks further away from the vehicles will have to walk a little more every morning.

An artist's impression of the courtyard. Quite nice!

Above: a rough mash up of amenities nearby the project, along with unit facing (for rough illustration only). We also thought it was a little strange that most of the better views (north) were allocated to the 2rm units. As usual, our editor marked out his choice units. Click above for a larger image.

Units with the "better view" will also face the highway. So you might get a  little buzz from the traffic.

You will notice that there is quite a large body of water marked in the layout. It actually is a giant storm drain.

A jogging track and other minor facilities has actually been built along and below the highway.

A 360 degree look from the project site. The north view faces a reserve area which we doubt will be developed anytime soon. Click above for larger image.

The north view, facing the greenery and highway. Nice!

The view of the site from afar. You will notice Segar LRT station in the foreground. The land immediately north of it is a reserve site for residential, but is currently being used as an archery range. The empty plot west of Segar Grove is also reserved for residential...

Segar Meadows (above) faces Segar Grove from across Segar Road. We bet there are plenty of Segar Meadows residents moaning about being robbed of their view now.

A rather large Community Center sits across the road. There is also a neighborhood police post there.

And here we go, our scoring:

Our take on individual unit scoring. These scores are weighted heavily in favor of better views and considerations that might have a detrimental effect on lifestyle. Click to download chart in excel format.

Editor’s note:
Scoring of unit desirability is relevant within this BTO project only, please do not cross reference scores. While we try our best to give the most accurate information, we cannot guarantee our materials are completely accurate and free from errors. Always double check with HDB representatives. HDB did not include floor plans for individual units this time round, so all our recommendations in this section are based on "intelligent guesses". You will however get detailed plans via mail prior to selecting a unit.

Segar Grove Pricing
So will this BTO be more expensive with the rising valuations of HDB flats? Let us crunch the numbers...

2rm units Indicative Price (115 units):
Internal size:  45sqm/484sqf*
Indicative price Min: $72,000 (~$1600 psm/$148 psf)
Indicative price Max: $94,000 (~$2088 psm/$194 psf)

3rm units Indicative Price (217 units):
Internal size:  65sqm/699 sqf*
Indicative price Min: $125,000 (~$1923 psm/$178 psf)
Indicative price Max: $157,000 (~$2415 psm/$224 psf)

4rm units Indicative Price (196 units):
Internal size: ~90 sqm/968 sqf*
Indicative price Min: $210,000 (~$2333 psm/$216 psf)
Indicative price Max: $250,000 (~$2777 psm/$258 psf)

In comparison, we look at the recent Punggol Ripples and Punggol Sails prices:

Punggol Ripples and Sails 3rm units Indicative Price (436 units):
Internal size:  65sqm/699 sqf*
Indicative price Min: $138,000 (~$2123 psm/$197 psf)
Indicative price Max: $173,000 (~$2661 psm/$247 psf)

Punggol Ripples and Sails 4rm units Indicative Price (403 units):
Internal size: ~90 sqm/968 sqf*
Indicative price Min: $223,000 (~$2477 psm/$230 psf)
Indicative price Max: $266,000 (~$2955 psm/$274 psf)

Well, it looks like this project is cheaper than Punggol BTOs, and by quite a significant margin too. However keep in mind that the Punggol projects were located much closer to the MRT station.

Well we think this project is probably suited for those on a budget although transportation is a little disappointing (2.8km to nearest MRT!). Also, make sure you check the site and hear the noise from the highway. Some people might find it acceptable, but for some it will be a nightmare.

Bukit Panjang fans, we would love your comments here.

Images: HDB, Microsoft Bing satellite maps (NAVTEQ), URA, SLA

Posted on 01-02-2010 11:00 | By Francis

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