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Fernvale Riverbow review: Site layout and best units (Part 2)

Fernvale Riverbow looks like it's a dream BTO for those looking to live by the water. This BTO next to Punggol River has plenty of units with an awesome view. Shall we find out which ones?

Site Layout

Blue = 5rm, Green = 4rm, Pink = 3rm.

Obviously the feature that stands out here is Punggol Reservoir. Water-front living is much sought after by Singaporeans and this BTO offers plenty of units with expansive views of the river and its surrounds.

Apart from that there's plenty of greenery in the Fernvale Riverbow itself. To the north-east there's a park just by the river bank. What's more thanks to the basement carpark (yes you read right! Basement Carpark!), residents get to enjoy an unprecedented amount of open space in this development.

The basement carpark runs under the entire project, so you get direct access to your vehicle from your block - this is a wonderful feature - Executive Condos and DBSS don't even have this! 

The views to the south are largely unblocked thanks to the low-rise estate of Gerald Drive, so mid to high floor units will get a great unobstructed view.

Not all of the units here have the ideal north-south orientation though. To maximize views of the river, units closest to the it have a 45-degree orientation meaning some morning or noon sun.

West of the BTO is a school and some existing flats, that shouldn't trouble Fernvale Riverbow's residents as there aren't any units facing them directly (they either face north or south).

To the north is a plot of land planned for future high-rise residential with an identical plot ratio to Fernvale Riverbow, meaning the development should go up as high as the BTO. So sadly for those units facing this future high-rise, it is likely their views will be blocked.

Do take note of the two entrances to the basement carpark north and south of the development, as well as the driveway entrances to the BTO along Fernvale Link. You might want to avoid units close by. Most low floor units will suffer from the noise coming from the vehicles entering and exiting.

Special 5-room unit

The orange lines indicate the extra partition you could build to split the unit in two.

These are units with a layout that is vastly different from the standard 5-room template we're all used to seeing. The most unique feature of the design is the location of the windows - they are at the front and right of the unit.

Obviously meant to take advantage of the river view, these special 5-room units are located at the eastern end of the BTO, so residents of these flats will get to see the river from their living rooms and master bedrooms. These units my friends, will be super popular!

Some enterprising H88 reader has pointed out that these units can be converted into Dual Key units by simply adding a partition (indicated in the pic above in orange).

Dual Key units are a condo feature where one unit can be split in two, usually with the intent of renting out the smaller one or both.

Worth a thought eh?

Zooming in

Best 5-room units
There a plenty of good units here. Those along the river will be hot property, especially the special 5-room units. If we had a single digit number on our ballot paper, we would choose unit 88.

Firstly, you get unblocked views of from north-east all the way to the south. Secondly, the unit is located away from the main driveways ensuring maximum peace and quiet. Thirdly, it is close to the 'common green' or the park. Fourthly, you don't have to walk that far to the LRT stop.  Finally the number is super auspicious - 88. Get one on the 18th floor and you are all set - #18-88! We suspect the top floor unit here is the one that cost $421k!

The only caveat with unit 88 is the morning sun, but it's not really a big deal. Low floor units might be affected from the noise generated from the future multi-purpose court, but it's a minor issue.

Unit 60, 78 and 82 would be our next choice for good river views.

If your number isn't so good, you could gun for unit 54 - it has about 200m of unblocked views of the green space directly to it's north. The unit will get some noon sun on the west wall though. Get as high as you can to minimize the noise from the carpark entrance.

Best 4-room units
Hmm, not many to choose from here if you want river views. The best views of the river comes from Unit 44 at the southern end of the BTO. The number is not nice at all if you are the superstitious sort.

South facing unit 46, 48 and 62 are pretty good as well.

Third choice for river views come from unit 80 and 90, the view is only partial but still good enough.

For non-river views you are spoiled for choice. Unit 110 looks the best it as a great unblocked south view of the central courtyard and is closer to the LRT station than most.

You can also consider 72 and 74 for good unobstructed view. Likewise for 68 and 70. These four will get some indirect noon sun though, with 74 and 68 bearing the brunt of the heat.

Units 34 and 36 facing south are also worth considering as they face the low-rise landed estate. They could have some very good unblocked views. Do get a high unit to avoid the noise and dust from the main road and the carpark entrance.

Best 3-room units
No river views for you guys! The units here are not good as they face the opposite block quite closely - about 30m. The only advice we can give is to get units closer to the LRT.

Should I go for this?
This is a tough choice - you have to choose between river view (Fernvale Riverbow) or proximity to MRT and amenities (Anchorvale Isles). It's up to your personal preference.

Fernvale Riverbow would be great if you own a car, that will solve the issue of getting around. The views here are fantastic and could be worth the investment.

Thankfully we're not the ones making this tough choice! So good luck to all of you and wishing you all the best!

Hope you enjoyed reading our reviews. It was a challenge bringing to you five reviews in the space of five days. Would appreciate very much if you told your friends about us and get them to join our Facebook Page! Hit the 'Like' button below and click on a few ads if you can!

Images and info via HDB.

Posted on 20-07-2011 17:01 | By John

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