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Feng shui, romance and your bedroom

Did you know that the wrong feng shui can affect your chances of getting a partner (and thus seriously affect your chances of getting a BTO)? Increase your happiness and up that romance factor with these great tips from the masters at the House of Feng Shui.

The following is an article contributed by House of Feng Shui.

The bedroom is an important part of your home in which you spend a significant amount of time in everyday, and the Feng Shui of the room has a great impact on your personal and romantic relationships. A couple's problems or a single's inability to find a suitable partner may stem from a poor Feng Shui arrangement of the bedroom.

Here are some useful Feng Shui tips for your bedroom which can be easily applied to help enhance your relationships and to find romance.

Tap your Star of Affinity Direction
This involves finding your Gua number and sleeping in the direction of your Yan Nian or Star of Affinity direction. This helps in enhancing your relationships and making you more attractive to others, thus bettering your current relationship or increasing your chances of meeting people. Use our Gua Number Calculator to find and tap into your favorable directions. If you find that you are unable to tap into this direction, try at least to avoid the other 4 inauspicious directions.

Always have your bed's headboard against the wall
If your headboard is not against the wall, Qi flows behind your head which may cause instability and also affects your sleep. Imagine the sounds of a river running behind your bed as you are sleeping and you will have an idea of how this affects your rest.
Avoid the having the headboard on the same side as the bedroom door
This is because we want to avoid the retreating weak Qi which has come in from your bedroom door. The way Qi flows in an enclosed space is that it enters your room through the door and circulates before leaving your room; think of it as a draft of wind coming in and gradually losing strength before exiting.

This also explains why we should not sleep in the direction facing the door as we also do not want the incoming Qi to rush towards us; this is based on the Static School of Feng Shui where we look at the flow of Qi and how it moves within your home.

Avoid Plants or Water Features in the Bedroom
Fresh plants and flowers are living and active which represent Yang energy, too much of Yang imbalances the Yin nature of a bedroom and may cause rifts and problems with your significant half in addition to interfering with your sleep.

Also do not have any moving water features in your bedroom such as fountains and fish tanks or water symbols like paintings of rivers and lakes as it can cause infidelity and marriage problems; this does not apply to attached toilets and small non-significant water such a drinking glass or jug of water.

Avoid Mirrors facing your bed
The main reason being that such reflective surfaces reflect your bed when you and your partner are sleeping in it, doubling the number of people in the relationship. Its quite simple to see how this works and its effects are that it may encourage the possibility of third parties entering the relationship. If possible, only have mirrors on the same side of the wall as the headboard or place them inside your wardrobes or in your bathrooms.

Our most popular recommendation is our Devotion Mandarin Ducks which is an excellent enhancer of Romance and Love luck, placed in your bedroom on your bedside table or dressing table. The Endless Mystic Knot is also a powerful energizer of Romance because it signifies everlasting bliss and happiness. Do browse through our store for more Love and Relationship enhancers to improve your current relationship or to improve your chances of finding that special one!

Like this article? More on the way. But if you can't wait, hit the link and pay the House of Feng Shui a visit.

Posted on 14-06-2011 17:26 | By John

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