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Costa Ris review: Site layout and best units

Costa Ris at Pasir Ris sits on a long rectangular strip of land. It's a BTO that has many good points and many bad ones. To the south there's a busy expressway and to the east there's an elevated MRT track. But to the north there is Pasir Ris MRT close by. So if you are thinking of getting this BTO, time to find out which units are the best.

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Site Layout

Image: HDB. Blue = 5rm, Green = 4rm, Orange = 3rm, Pink = 2rm.

As you can see, you will be surrounded by high-rise buildings, except for the south-east corner of Costa Ris, where Coral Secondary School gives high floor units a better unblocked view.

Unfortunately for this BTO, an elevated MRT line runs through the entire eastern length of the development, there is no way to avoid the train noise. The good thing is, you'd get used to it after some time. Let's hope when it comes time to sell, buyers can be as understanding.

Interestingly, the covered carpark occupies the first floor of the entire project. This is similar to condos where the parking is underground and every block gets lift access. One of the big plus points for Costa Ris for sure. There is also a multi-storey car park (MSCP) too if you decide to buy over the Sultan of Brunei's car collection.

The units are laid out in a zig-zag 45 degree north-west/south-east orientation, so the noon sun will not be so harsh on the north-west facing units. There are a lot of closely packed face-to-face units here, so this BTO is not the most ideal for folks who want a more private flat.

Top of the map

Image: HDB. Blue = 5rm, Green = 4rm, Orange = 3rm, Pink = 2rm.

Best 5RM units
This is hard. Units facing the west will get the sun, the road and the future high-rise opposite while units facing east will get noise from the MRT, so it's a tough choice.  Unit 627 in Block 524A at the northern edge of the project looks like the best (or least worst) of the lot. It faces the side of units in opposite block 528C and it is blocked from the noise of the MRT too. What's more it is very close to the MRT station.

You can also try for Unit 603 and 615, they do have similar orientation to 627 but you are just a bit further away from the MRT than unit 627.

Unit 641 gets special mention here. It is the best west-facing 5-room unit as it has a long unblocked south-west view and is away from the main road leading to the expressway. What's more it's shielded from the MRT noise by the other units to its east.

Bottom of the map

Image: HDB. Blue = 5rm, Green = 4rm, Orange = 3rm, Pink = 2rm.

Best 4RM units
This one is easier. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. Take a look at Unit 613 in 524B - it's got no noon sun, is unblocked for a 100m or so and it is very close to the MRT. Better than the 5RMs in my opinion.

Also take a look at unit 593 and 605. Both have long unblocked south-east views and are quite close to the MRT too. Likewise for units 553 and 565, but they are a bit further from the MRT. 617 is also not too bad, though your view ends at unit 643 opposite.

The best unblocked views would be units in the south part of Costa Ris, facing Coral Secondary School. They get a lot of privacy but it's a long walk to the MRT and you have to contend with the noise from the tracks. Try for high floor units furthest away from the MRT tracks like 519, 525 and 535.

Best 3RM units
Looks like HDB has placed the 2rm and 3rm units at the poorest positions. They either too close to the opposite facing unit or are too close to the MRT tracks. The best we can find is unit 691, though it gets some noon sun, it's also furthest away from the tracks and has a bit more privacy than the rest as it directly faces the side of unit 575.

For best unblocked view, get unit 655. But do note you are right next to the train tracks.

Should I go for this?
Not the best BTO we've seen so far but not the worst. We think this place is great for those living in the Tampines/Pasir Ris area. The location is pretty good only if you can get units in the blocks closest to the MRT. 

Image and info via HDB.

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Posted on 31-05-2011 17:54 | By John

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