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Ang Mo Kio BTO Teck Ghee Parkview review

Teck Ghee Parkview comes next under our microscope. The next best BTO after Cheng San Court, this BTO in Ang Mo Kio might not be next to an MRT, but it has plenty of amenities around nonetheless. There are only 576 units here though, ranging from 3- to 5-room Standard flats in three blocks ranging from 31 to 34 floors high. Without MRT nearby, is this BTO worth the extra big bucks?


Found along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 close to the CTE exit, Teck Ghee Parkview has a park directly to the east and a giant neighbourhood centre to the west called Chong Boon Centre (where there's a big market and food centre).

The MRT station is about 4 bus stops away. As usual, residents here will stand to benefit from all the goodies mature estates like Ang Mo Kio has to offer - good schools, great eateries, parks, and so on. We don't have to say too much, we're sure you know the difference between a town like Ang Mo Kio and one like Sengkang.

Site Layout

This is a small development, with only 576 units here. Looking at this rectangular plot, we're disappointed that there are 6 unit stacks here that face directly east towards the morning sun.

All around this BTO are existing HDB blocks that are around 12 to 14 floors high. The park can be found in the east and the hawker centre / neighbourhood centre to the west.

In general, you should aim for floors 14 and above so that you will be higher than the blocks around the area. That way your views should be relatively unblocked.

Best 5-room flats

If you don't mind morning sun, the best units here should be the ones facing the park to the east, so 13 and 15 get our pick. If you look at the map, further east beyond the park lies the CTE, and across that are the landed homes of Serangoon Gardens. This means that high floor units in 13 and 15 will get an unblocked view all the way to the HDB blocks of Serangoon North. Sweet!

If you think the sun might heat up the rooms in the morning, it will be a good idea to get some solar film on the windows to minimize the heat.

If you prefer north facing, then your choices are only limited to 21 and 23. Get high floor units here to ensure maximum unblocked views as there aren't any high-rise blocks in sight for some distance.

Best 4-room flats
Again, same with the 5-room flats facing east, get unit 33 and the views will be awesome. But what if you don't like the morning sun, then how?

Well, the rest of the 4-rooms face south. As long as you get units here that are 14 floors and above, overlooking the shorter HDB blocks to the south (12-storey 461 and 456) you should be getting an excellent unblocked view too. How excellent? Well looking at the map, it seems that most of the blocks south of Teck Ghee Parkview are the 12-storey types, built in the 80s. Further down we find Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, then the Bishan MRT Depot and then some schools. It seems like nothing high-rise will get in the way until the HDB flats in Bishan.

Unless HDB decides to SERS the old blocks to the south (which they might, considering their age), your view should be unblocked for a good distance.

Best 3-room flats
There are only 4 stacks to choose from. The best here would be high-floor units overlooking the MSCP to the north - 05 and 07. They should be getting a great unblocked views of the north of Singapore.


Slightly cheaper than Cheng San Court for obvious reasons. 4-rooms start at $398k while 5-rooms starts at $498k. You should note that these flats come with an 'open kitchen' concept, Meaning the walls of the kitchen aren't built to maximize your living area. This is quite interesting.

If you want the wall back in, it will cost about $2,000 more. This is cheaper than if the contractor does it for you. It all really depends on what you want. We think it's a great idea, though it does add more stress to the couple's decision-making process (i.e. more arguments).

Should I go for this?
Note that you are making an application for either Teck Ghee Parkview or Cheng San Court when you submit the form. If your budget allows, go for Cheng San Court as the location is much better. That said, the views of Teck Ghee Parkview are worth the $$$ too, especially if you don't need the MRT to be so close.

Some pointers when choosing
As we've discussed with some of our readers on our Facebook page, some of you might not get the best number when it's time for you and your spouse to choose the flat. For example, you might have to choose between a low-floor, poor view unit in a BTO with a prime location or a high-floor unit with an excellent view in a BTO that's not as well located. The choice isn't so clear.

So you and your spouse have to get your priorities settled BEFORE you head down to HDB, otherwise you might end up making a rash decision or worse still, having a big quarrel.

NOTE (2 Oct 2012): Do take note of the waiting time for the two BTOs here. Teck Ghee Parkview is scheduled for completion in 1Q2017 while Cheng San Court is scheduled for completion in 1Q2018. By comparison Keat Hong Quad is scheduled for completion in 1Q2016. Why? We're not sure. We'll keep you updated.

Images and info via HDB. Map via

Posted on 01-10-2012 17:54 | By John

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