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Anchorvale Horizon and Senja Parc View Review

 HDB has unveiled two new BTOs at Sengkang and Bukit Panjang, called Anchorvale Horizon and Senja Parc View respectively. Both BTOs yield a total of 1,322 units so you are pretty much spoilt for choice if you want to get yourself a BTO unit.

Let’s take a look at Anchorvale Horizon first, shall we?

It’s located along Sengkang East Way and Anchorvale Road. Sounds familiar? Indeed.

Its is located at the exact spot where residents take out their kites to fly on weekends! Oh no! Looks like that big nice empty spot where everyone has picnics at is going...going...gone!

The project is about a kilometer from Sengkang Square the town centre, which comprises a community center, polyclinic, shopping mall (Compass Point), "wet market" (most don't consider it a proper one!) and food centre. Sengkang MRT station is beside all those amenities. So-so, but were not impressed.

Now the fantastic part is you will be sitting beside one of the best equipped sports and recreation centres in Singapore (Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre). Only completed recently, it boasts full-sized hockey fields, multiple swimming pools, splash pools, state-of-the-art gyms and the works.  BUT the even more fantastic part is that if you are lucky enough to get the units facing the recreation centre, you potentially can get an unblocked fantastic view of a river, a park and sports centre (not the lower floors of course).

The nearest LRT station is Farmway LRT station, a couple of meters north of the site (big deal). Oh, and also a couple of minutes’ drive away is the famed Jalan Kayu stretch where you can settle your midnight prata cravings.

Looking at the specifics, Anchorvale Horizon will offer studio apartments (240 units), 4 bedroom apartments (357 units) as well as 5 bedders (148 units). These 745 units will be spread out over 7 blocks of 16 storeys. The estimated completion date? Q1 2014.

And for those who are wondering which units are the best?
Here is our Review Verdict: Units 294, 276, 278, 264, 266, 252, 254. All are 5rm flats facing the river!

Some samples of the floorplans. Very typical.

And of course...price. A little bit on the ouch side especially for the 5rms.

Artist Impression.

Now, for Senja Parc View…

As it’s name suggests, Senja Parc View is located along Senja road in Bukit Panjang. It offers 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments.

Not-so nearby amenities include Pang Sua Pond, a sports complex and community club, Greenridge Shopping Centre and Bukit Panjang Plaza. The nearest LRT stations are Jelapang and Senja, but judging from the distance on the map, it seems like a distance to walk.



Something that we like is how the some of the units overlook the park, or the landscaped deck of the car park. Beyond that is the highway (which might be noisy) and good greenery.

There will be 577 units in total, spanning 3 blocks of 27- 29 storeys. Think of the fresh air and the amazing view you’d be getting up there! Estimated completion is in Q4 2014.

And for those who are wondering which units are the best?
Here is our verdict: Units 319, 321, 323, 325, 335, 337, 339, 341. Parkview/greenery is good!

Pricewise? You can see the difference by just comparing it to Sengkang's offering!

A sample of the typical 4rm plan. YAWN.

Artist's Impression of the estate.

While both projects aren't exactly convenient and filled with a good mix of amenities, we really like Anchorvale Horizon. If you drive and don't care if your kids take 10 feeder buses to reach school, the potential unblocked view of the 5rm flats are very appealing. As for Senja (where?), we are okay with it since it has a nice view too (you when you ask you spouse how is their day, they say "okay" and slump on the sofa). Either way, if you want to get your hands on either BTO, do so by 8 Nov.

Join our discussion on best units here and share with everyone what you know about the area!

Source/images: HDB

Posted on 26-10-2010 17:15 | By Cheryl Han

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