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16. HDB Unit Elevation - Ground Floor Units

Car parks so close its like having your own garage.

Nestled on the void deck of low rise blocks, these units are elevated slightly by around half a meter with the main door serviced by a small flight of steps. They are usually slightly larger in size with some variants offering extended kitchens. These units are favored by immobile elderly folk or even hawkers who turn their homes into cottage industries as loading and unloading of goods into vehicles parked nearby is easy. One big disadvantage of a ground floor unit is its vulnerability to pests such as cockroaches.

A more common layout for Ground floor units

Ground floor units often paint a colorful picture of its occupants’ lifestyle from the outside as they discretely annex common space immediately outside their doorsteps for private purposes. The most common abuses are placement of furniture and parking bicycles along the common corridor. In extreme cases some go so far as to gratify their green thumbs by manicuring a garden or growing crops on grass patches adjacent to their doorway. Such behavior has led to neighbors complaining about obstruction of traffic flow or breeding of mosquitoes from poorly maintained flower pots.

Ground floor units can be found in high rise HDB blocks too.

Kitchens often are extended and include rear entrances.


Convenient for loading/unloading

Convenient for old folks


Noise from passersby

Less Privacy


No view

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Posted on 16-08-2008 00:00 | By Francis

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